The binding stage is always the final stage of every design work we undertake for reproduction, whether a hundred or a hundred thousand products are requested. The production materials and the processing machines which are used for various precise works such as folding, sewing, gluing, cutting or cover works require modernized machineries as much as those used for the printing stage, and their operators must have become masters with years of experience.

The manual workmanship and the hard work of Elma Printing’s employees remind of / require the same meticulousness as the workmanship, attention and carefulness of the last presser of a haute couture cloth made of cashmere or angora.

Machine Park for the Binding Process (After Printing)

• Muller Martini Diamant 60s Hardcover Line
• Müller Martini Tigra 12 Station Perfect Binder and Esprit Three-edge Trimmer
• Muller Martini Perfect Binder 24 stations and Kolbus Three-edge Trimmer
• Müller Martini Presto 6 Station Wire Stitching Machine and Three-edge Trimmer
• Horauf Case Making Machine
• FUDA Hard Cover Case Making Machine
• Kolbus Hard Cover Case Making Machine
• 3 x Heidelberg Folding Machine + 3 x MBO Folding Machine
• 2 x Aster Sewing Machine SMYTH Sewing Machine
• Müller Martini Ventura Sewing Machine
• Fully Automatic UV Spot Varnish Silkprint Machine
• MTM Fully Automatic 70×100 Lamination Machine
• Cardboard Lamination and Gluer Machine
• Fully Automatic Die Cutting Machine
• Heidelberg Cylinder Die Cutting Machine
• Kerma Special Cutting Machine with Pedal
• 2 x Heidelberg Polar 115 Guillotine
• 2 x Heidelberg Polar 92 Guillotine Kolbus Foil Machine
• 3 x Foil Hot Stamping Machine
• Polygraph Thermal Impression Machine for Cover Making
• 4 x Corner Rounding Machine
• 3 x RENZ Automatic Spiral Wire Binding Machine
• 3 x Automatic Wire Drilling Machine 2 x 70 x 100 Press Machine
• 3 x Shrink – Gelatine wrap Machine LY 800 Intelligent Molding BOX Making Machine
• KY 850A Pasting Machine Hunkeler Index Cutter Machine
• SCS Rounded Perforation Machine
• 2 x Karl Tranklein Board Cutter Machine
• 2 x Kolbus Endpaper Machine
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