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36 years of experience...

Thanks to its 36 years of production experience, Elma Printing has become an important center in the reproduction of all kinds of works that can be produced by using ready-made paper materials.

Having been offering services with its experienced personnel and modernized production tools to meticulously carry out all production phases from the design stage to the binding stage, Elma Printing produces products that suit the latest fashion.

Elma Printing is an organization that has guaranteed its potential to exist in the future with its quality & economic product/price policy for its elite customer group, which the company has been serving for decades.

Elma Printing’s production center is located at Istanbul, which is the strategic intersection point of Asia and Europe.

As you know, Istanbul is always at the forefront thanks to its strategic position that can access all kinds of international transportation means (land, sea, air and railway) as well as its proximity to European, Asian and African countries in scope of delivery advantages and production possibilities.

Turkey is able to seamlessly integrate with the international trade networks thanks to its direct connections to every kind of transportation network, in addition to its advanced telecommunication infrastructure.

As the result of the Customs Union integration with EU countries and the bilateral trade agreements made with other neighboring countries, Elma Printing has gained great experience in the fields of financing and business law like numerous other Turkish companies.

Having combined with our modernized machineries and production systems, the transportation and communication technologies opened the way of Elma Printing for the international market.
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