The precious artwork designs that are entrusted to Elma Printing for reproduction are processed meticulously without damaging them and under the supervision of experienced masters, with the precision of modern and digital printing machineries.

Having been the frequent customer of the top products of the international companies that have been developing the printing technologies for more than a century with their never-ending research, Elma Printing is glad to have been keeping up with the times with its printing machineries that utilize online spectrophotometer and ink control systems. Elma Printing’s machineries have the infrastructure required to carry out Fogra-suitable prints integrated with the electronic work flow systems.

Printing Park

• Komori G40 H-UV 70 x 100 5 Colours Plus Coater Sheetfed Printing Press
• Heidelberg SM 102 70×100 (5+5) 10 Colours Sheetfed Printing Press
• Komori S-40 70×100 4 Colours Sheetfed Printing Press
• Roland 2 Colours Sheetfed Printing Press
• Ricoh Digital Printing System (33 x 48 cm)
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